I never realized to which extent I felt stifled with the current state of the web communities. Having control over every part of this site (almost)(and with my limited knowledge) feels great. And for the first time in a long time, shouting into the void feels like an...almost positive thing? Well it's the beginning of creating something, and there's no pressure to be seen and feeling of failure if you don't. Which is what the beginning stage of creating something should feel like.
I know I am at least a little bit seen though, because some of you started following me! So hello and welcome. Hope this little website will bring you a little bit of joy, or entertainment. I should be working on adding a gallery soon, and other fun pages! Maybe I'll add a shoutbox, or a guestbook, or a comments widget, whichever you cool kids at neocities like these days. Blink twice if you're interested.


I have this habit when I wake up and eat breakfast of sometimes watching videos that could fall into the self-development category, specifically targeted towards artists. I also tend to leave as soon as it gets nonsensical and along the lines of "only work, don't play, die for your craft", but this morning I found this video from Film Courage. Basically, it's about being self-compassionate.

As someone who struggles with self-compassion, a lot, this was validating, as a self-improvement video you watch in the morning should be. If there's anyone reading this: be kind, future you will probably thank you for sucking today, because that's kinda how learning things work.

+ The site reached 1k hits today! They are probably almost all from me.


Song of the day:

Also: Look at the progress I made on the website! Colossal! (There's no one here...)


I'm writing this as I just created the site and there is absolutely no css, because I am impatient to test this and get it going.
At the very beginning of the year, there was a post going around Twitter that went like take back the world wide web and bring back personal websites and webrings to share your friends' content, and something immediately clicked in my head. I miss the internet without the algorithms deciding what you are going to be able to see - and what will be easy to access - and being able to carve out your little corner of this madness and personalize it.
I am known to delete and remake accounts and feel sort of? uncomfortable with the idea of an online presence and image, and I wanna see if I can be the kind of person who's earnest enough to manage something that can get as personal as a... personal website? I can't tell if the diary is going to be a remaining feature, or how personal it will get though, but I started journaling a bit this year and it's helping me find more clarity so... we'll see how this goes.

For now I am mostly excited to collect absurd, ugly things across the internets that truly resonate with my soul to put on here.